The Plutocrat

A New Kind of Political Thriller

  • Madagascar
  • Wall Street
  • Stock Exchange
  • Federal Hall

Thrills, politics, spies, comedy, satire, great characters, exotic locations and a lot of attitude. A new kind of political thriller.

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The Plutocrat

Who really won the Presidential Election? What’s the true purpose of the Chinese moon mission? Who’s building big in Madagascar? Who’s on a mission to disrupt? America won’t be the same again. In fact...

Will it even be America?

A third-party candidate to be US President. An exclusive hedge fund with consistent returns. Naval conflict in the South China Sea. An underground battle over secrets. Unrest in Hong Kong. A destitute woman with nothing to give but the key to unlimited power.


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US Edition: Kindle | PDF | epub

The Story

What happens when people give up on their familiar political leaders and put their faith in a third-party candidate for President?

Willard Prince is incredibly successful and stupendously rich. He owns an apartment in the best building on Park Avenue.

He runs the New American Century Fund, whose returns are famous - notorious? - for their consistency. (If you want to invest, you’ll need an invitation.)

But do the voters really know what they’d be getting? And who could stop him?

The homeless woman who joins his campaign? Why can’t she see through him?

The slacker-girl who gets mixed up with the Robin Hood Party? Is she out of her depth?

The Australian whistle-blower guy, who’s on the run?

The Campaign Manager who thinks his last race will shatter the system?

And what about that blue-eyed tech billionaire who wants to disrupt? What’s his take on Democracy in America?

And what if China has surpassed America already?

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